The Business Imperative for Identity, Trust and Data Stewardship

Bianca Lopes discusses the future of identity proofing amidst changing economic dynamics.

Amidst the uncertain and changing landscape of COVID-19, social distancing has forced face-to-face interactions to come to a halt. This brings up an important question: how do we make trust possible in the absence of face-to-face interactions?

Identity proofing has been evolving for some time. New data-based processes are shaping the way people, companies and governments interact and exchange information. Technological solutions are empowering consumers and redefining responsibilities around data ownership. And the way consumers manage their data and understand privacy is evolving.

All of this begs the question: how do we build an environment for safely stewarding data, considering these many influential factors?

In this webinar we explore this topic with Bianca Lopes, entrepreneur and an expert in identity, trust and data. Bianca digs into ethical questions around the following:

  • How identity proofing is evolving in the digital world
  • How identity proofing is impacting people’s lives, and how people’s lives are impacting identity proofing
  • The impact that identity proofing is having on businesses and governments
  • The regulatory impacts of identity proofing
  • What the future holds for us, and whether that is really where we want to go

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Bianca Lopes, Identity and Data Author and Speaker at Talle
Matt Johnson, Product Marketing Manager at TransUnion

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