Digital Onboarding

Convert good applicants into great customers.

Smooth, unified onboarding that mitigates risk while lowering costs.

Profitable growth relies on attracting new and maintaining existing customers. By accessing key insights and information, you can make faster decisions and deliver actionable offers — making it simpler than ever to acquire, onboard and retain good customers while mitigating risk.

Enhance fraud and identity protections

Significantly improve fraud detection rates with powerful data linkage capabilities. TransUnion’s robust datasets enable you to quickly establish consumer identities with greater confidence while flagging potentially fraudulent actions.

Reduce application friction

Using the latest technology in facial recognition and encryption, allow applicants to securely scan documents and faces while minimizing data entry requirements. Ensure the integrity of consumer-provided information against TransUnion’s vast network of personal and digital data.

Boost conversions with custom offers

Use TransUnion’s rich credit bureau insights to quickly assess risk and prequalify consumers for personalized offers, demonstrating an understanding of consumers’ needs that will enhance engagement and retention.

Activate in real time

Offer a more gratifying consumer experience with real-time fulfillment of credit cards or personal loans. Issue a virtual card or loan instantly upon acceptance while presenting offers for other products.

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