Smart Leads

Grow your portfolio with qualified leads complying with KYC norms

Get pre-qualified leads with higher response and conversation rates for better acquisitions

Engage customers early in the process and display the right offer to them at the right time and place. Using our alternate data, Smart Leads provide qualified leads who meet your credit and risk policy criteria leading to higher conversions. You can quickly acquire these leads by complying with KYC norms — without wondering about the riskiness of these acquisitions. The usual way of acquiring leads via DSAs etc., would mean additional overhead in identifying the creditworthiness of the lead, which in this case, is handled by Transunion. We’ll also help clients manage the acquisition process by sending out customized marketing communications to these qualified leads after checking their DND status.


Smart Leads offers clients pre-qualified leads which serves as a base likely to have a higher response and conversation rate — producing a more efficient acquisition process for you and the end consumer. Plus, TransUnion helps enable the acquisition of these consumers using targeted SMS and emails, along with real-time approval via our existing AQM solutions.

Smart Leads for multichannel lead distribution

TUSSPL can share leads by following means:

  • D2C: Customized direct marketing emailers/SMSs can be sent out to leads from DecisionEdge® platform.
  • SFTP: Qualified leads can be shared over client’s SFTP folder which can be taken up for fulfilment by the client.
  • CRM: Qualified leads can be sent directly to client’s CRM platform via API integration.

Smart Leads for offer generation and onboarding

Qualified leads can be presented offers through various channels using offers hub platform. These leads can be onboarded through our AQM solution.


Multichannel lead distribution

Lead prioritization

Prospect scrub and credit policy execution

Client’s lead filtering criteria

Lead database

Lead conversion monitoring

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