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TransUnion Seamless Onboarding

Convert more good applicants into great customers by optimising and automating your business processes.

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Acquire, onboard and retain consumers without impacting the user experience

For profitable growth of any organisation, attracting new and keeping current customers happy is essential. To do this effectively, you need the most comprehensive view of consumer behaviour and preferences possible to quickly assess risks and present relevant offers. Our Seamless Onboarding solution is an extremely modular, flexible platform which incorporates multiple data sources and applies sophisticated rules to verify consumers’ identities. All this is done without slowing down or adding friction to the onboarding journey.

By providing businesses the ability to translate information and insights into faster decisions and actionable offers, this solution demonstrates a deeper understanding of consumers’ needs, hence building more trust and resulting in enhanced engagement and retention. Knowing who you’re dealing with and anticipating their needs shows a commitment to superior customer experience.

Seamless onboarding experience in one powerful platform while ensuring risk is mitigated

Faster Customer Acquisition

Using the latest technology in facial recognition and encryption, applicants can safely scan documents and faces instead of manually entering text — reducing time and friction by pre-filling applications and reducing drop offs. Using our powerful data linkage capabilities, you can underwrite customers quickly and more confidently.

Identification and fraud prevention

TransUnion’s network of multiple data sources establishes a customer’s identity with greater confidence and spots potentially fraudulent actions. Our latest fraud countermeasures work behind the scenes in real time, helping you mitigate risk while complying with the strictest regulations


Product Highlights
  • Significantly reduce drop offs and increase conversion

  • Considerably improve fraud detection rates, diminish fraud losses and mitigate risk

  • Reduce acquisition costs

  • Improve data capture quality and time spent in capturing it

  • Provide excellent user experiences and increase stickiness

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