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Field Investigation Waiver Policy

Verify identities and detect fraud earlier to optimize processing costs and reduce fraud losses

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Verify addresses digitally for faster decisions

Existing offline address verification is a traditional method that’s not only time-consuming but also very expensive and limited in approach.

TransUnion FI Waiver solution offers banks the opportunity to quickly process verified applications, enabling better customer experiences while remaining compliant. Embedding a check for identity anomalies at the time of application or origination is essential to a healthy, diverse and profitable approach. As well, costs and efforts can be focused on applications requiring greater attention to balance risk and opportunities.

Our solution complements our strength in providing verification matches on bureau and alternative data sources, and determining if an identifier or individual was associated with fraud in the past

Find and fund good customers

Address verification against traditional and alternate data sources

Verifies the address of the application against various data sources and returns composite address verification score for quick decisioning.

Determines fraud in real time

Screening against a shared list of reported fraud incidents is performed to caution lenders about identities associated with fraud in the past. Members are alerted about any matches of data elements or identifiers signifying past risky behavior of customers.

Highlights anomalies in input data

Verification includes flags providing more detail about the reason for mismatches or anomalies in verifying the applicant’s identity information with the bureau, or alternate or source data. These help segment cases that border a verification score.

Address and phone stability metrics

Product Highlights
  • Verifies applications and helps prevent fraud at originations

  • Reduces operational costs and manual processing efforts

  • Enables members to extend better customer experiences

  • Balances risk and opportunities

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