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Consumer Core Connect

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Access credit reports, scores, identity verification, etc. to create tailored product suites

To get all the consumer information needed prior to lending, institutions are currently required to connect to platforms individually — meaning multiple integrations. TransUnion Consumer Core Connect is a plug- and-play solution that consumes all consumer-related data products via single API. You can pick and choose which products you want from our entire list of offerings. After going live, if additional services are required, they can be accessed immediately without extra development efforts. Products currently available via this API are: Consumer CIR & Score (V1, V2, V3, PL score), NTC score, CreditVision® Variables, IDV, MFI CIR, TRL, Income Estimator.

With various fields and multiple product configurations, our flexible platform promotes engagement and retention while providing the critical information they need to make informed consumer decisions, including: Consumer CIR, New To Credit (NTC) score, CreditVision variables, MFI CIR, PAN, UIDAI, VoterID, Detect checks.

Consumer Core Connect’s powerful, easy to integrate technology helps improve decisioning

Consumer Core Connect for Acquisition

Deliver the right offer to the right person through the right channel. Consumer Core Connect for Acquisition gives you the insights, tools and flexibility to optimize your acquisition strategies and deliver targeted, efficient and automated decisions.

Core Connect for Bureau and Alternate Data Connectivity.

Plug-and-play solution for immediate go-live which accesses all types of bureau and alternate data via a single connector.

Product Highlights
  • Fast implementation

  • “Plug and Play” Solution

  • Once deployed, easy to extend to other products within CORE suite

  • Bundle products or offer as individual solutions

  • Select solutions must be bundled with certain products

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