Commercial Core Connect

Analyze the credit information of commercial borrowers to make prudent lending decisions.

Use extensive credit reports of commercial borrowers to assess their financial responsibility

TransUnion Commercial Core Connect provides you with comprehensive, multidimensional credit file information on potential commercial borrowers so you can make more informed lending decisions. These borrowers include, among others, public limited companies, private limited companies, partnership firms and proprietorships.

The Commercial Credit Information Report offers a wealth of data ranging from rich credit datasets based on business need to risk scores and more. You can evaluate the financial responsibility of potential commercial borrowers and minimize instances of concurrent and serial defaults. This enables you to create better, safer opportunities for your business as a credit grantor.


Improve engagements with our commercial credit reports, scores, litigation reports, and more.

Commercial Core Connect for credit histories

Before approving any commercial loan, credit underwriters are required to perform credit checks of the commercial entity and its directors/promotors/guarantors. Currently, that means you must pull commercial CIR of the entity and consumer CIRs of individuals via different API calls — as they’re disjointed bureau platforms. With TransUnion Commercial Core Connect, clients can pull those necessary items via single API call in a seamless, integrated fashion.

TransUnion Core Connect for litigation report

Get access to litigation due diligence reports of commercial entities through a plug-and-play solution that provides go-live access to all modules via a single connector. Once integrated with this solution, you can start consuming the data products available at anytime — without making any technical changes on your end. The product suite includes: Commercial CIR and Score (CMR), Consumer CIR of directors/guarantors/promoters, and the litigation due diligence report of the commercial entity.


Access credit histories of potential commercial borrowers

Gain insights into overall borrowings across lending institutions

Assess financial responsibility before you make a decision

Disburse credit faster while sustaining business profitability

Lend with confidence and mitigate risk

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