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Commercial Acquisition Manager

Improve decision-making to create a friction-right onboarding experience for commercial engagements.

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Make better decisions, convert more commercial engagements and increase revenues.

Commercial underwriting is a lengthy process which takes several days just to arrive at a preliminary decision. Commercial AQM has the capability of executing basic credit and verification checks against a commercial entity and its corresponding directors/promotors/guarantors, and delivering a go-no-go decision in real time. It provides a holistic view of the applicant in an easy to consume format.

By enabing commercial lending institutions to reject commercial applicants with a higher probability of default/fraud in early stages of application journey, commercial underwriters can focus on cases with more likelihood being approved.

Commercial Acquisition Manager is a modular, assisted sales, full service account origination solution for multichannel application, superior data access and prescreen decisions

Commercial Acquisition Manager for decisioning

Make real-time decisions with greater precision through this assisted sales model with API connectivity to multiple data sources — providing MSME One-View.

Commercial Acquisition Manager for business rule management and prescreening

Access real-time data sources, including Commercial CIR, Consumer CIR, CMR, PAN, GST, Litigation, ID verification, and utilize business rule manager for prescreen, scorecard and eligibility check of the entity.

Product Highlights
  • Assisted Sales Model

  • Delivered through Web based solution or API

  • Plug-and-play solution

  • API Connectivity to multiple data sources to provide MSME One-View

  • Business Rule Manager for real-time eligibility

  • Pre-screen decision with hand-off to LOS/manual underwriting

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