Acquisition Manager

Improve decision-making to create a friction-right onboarding experience for consumers.

Make better, quicker decisions, convert more customers and increase revenues

Now you can acquire more customers and create profitable growth through faster, more accurate decisions. TransUnion Acquisition Manager enables you to make the right offer to the right person through the right channel. It gives you the insights, tools and agility to optimize your acquisition strategies and deliver targeted, efficient and automated decisions.

Acquisition Manager is an end-to-end onboarding solution that enhances and streamlines the underwriting process, thereby reducing  turnaround-time. It removes subjectivity and reduces manual intervention. As a plug-and-play solution, you can pick and choose relevant modules and create a business flow using those components. With compact workflows, automated credit and verification checks, AQM focuses on customer experience without compromising how you protect against the risks associated with acquiring customers. Time and effort spent on collections can in turn be minimsed by improving the quality of acquisition. This product is channel agnostic and can be used for customer acquisition via branches, DSAs, partner portals, call centers, D2C website/mobile app etc.


Improve decisioning and create friction-right onboarding with powerful, flexible technology

Acquisition Manager for decisioning

Review credit histories with greater precision, score and qualify consumers and potentially predict their future behavior. Make instant lending decisions and better engage and retain consumers.

Acquisition Manager for identity verification

To improve application process efficiency, TransUnion’s proprietary Identity Verification Solution can be used to ascertain identities through online verification of the applicant’s KYC data on varied resources, such as Voter’s ID, NSDL, TU CIBIL which serve as demographic checks, as well as DETECT and High Risk Fraud Alerts.


Fast implementation

“Plug-and-play” solution

Once deployed, easy to extend to other products

Bundle products or choose individual solutions

Select solutions must be bundled with certain products

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